“An act of choosing between two or more possibilities; something that YOU can choose” . This is the Oxford dictionary meaning of the word CHOICE.Since our birth we are given so-called choices . Some of these choice’s are made by our parents ,some by our society and a very few by us . There is a stress on the word ‘you’ in the first line . How many time we have made a choice not thinking about what our parent would think or what would my friends say ? how many time we choose something just because the so-called cool people are doing it ? . There are infinite questions like these that me think ,are there any decisions that we take are for ourselves or is it just word of people that matter’s. You step out and you have choice to take a cab or to take a car or to walk ,when you finally decide upon how you want to travel you have to decide where you want to go . I mean why do we always have to fuck up simple stuff by adding so many alternatives when people who are less fortunate in comparison to us don’t even have choice for food , clothing or even shelter. I don’t see theat day far enough when we even would have choice in the ways we want to die

I don’t understand the reason why do we immediately tag someone or something just because their respective choice are out of the box. People who listen to dark song are not always EMO ..has it ever occurred that there is a slightest possibility that they actually like the music . Guys who prefer music or reading over playing sports are not less masculine than the one who do play where as girls who prefer’s to play are as feminine as any girl out there . Whats the use of calling ourselves as an evolving species when our mindset is still stuck in the medieval times . It’s like there are these unwritten rules and norms which decides whether one is a misfit in a society or not. The essential things in life don’t have choices.You cant choose whether you want to be born as a guy or a girl , you cannot choose your parents and you have to inhale oxygen to stay alive .It’s not like today i think ill inhale nitrogen for a change :p .

But we are fortunate enough have control on some choice’s and i have decided not to waste mine by thinking about other’s then me . Some may call me selfish and inconsiderate regarding the decisions that i make but hey i got only one life to live and it’s okay if i made some wrong choices and fall on my face because it’s never a failure but always a lesson . That was the window thought for today 😀

Stop give f*ck about others and make the choices you want



Window Thought :Intro

Everyone has that special place where they can relax and feel at peace. Your imagination starts running wild and you start ponder and think about stuff you normally ignore in this hard paced life . At certain point of time you feel high (or enlightened) just by opening up your mind to so many varied and wild thoughts . For me ,my place of security and enlightenment is by the window seat of my bus . It’s a 45 min ride from my place to my university and during these 45 minutes I am by the window with my headphones on , music volume turned up and staring out feeling the fresh wind and thinking about topics like music ,politics ,international affairs, personal affairs and what not . With this blog ill share what i thought in those 45 minutes ride to my university along with which ill be posting my views on different songs and album … if this post made you even a lit bit interested do make an effort to swing by this page and read what i thought sitting by the window of my bus seat