Window Thought :Intro

Everyone has that special place where they can relax and feel at peace. Your imagination starts running wild and you start ponder and think about stuff you normally ignore in this hard paced life . At certain point of time you feel high (or enlightened) just by opening up your mind to so many varied and wild thoughts . For me ,my place of security and enlightenment is by the window seat of my bus . It’s a 45 min ride from my place to my university and during these 45 minutes I am by the window with my headphones on , music volume turned up and staring out feeling the fresh wind and thinking about topics like music ,politics ,international affairs, personal affairs and what not . With this blog ill share what i thought in those 45 minutes ride to my university along with which ill be posting my views on different songs and album … if this post made you even a lit bit interested do make an effort to swing by this page and read what i thought sitting by the window of my bus seat


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