Its is one of the biggest revelations of 21st century . Gone are the days when people used to develop photographs and made a photo album , people used write personal e-mails to each other and used to have actual chat once in a while . Everything mentioned above makes it clear to understand what i am talking about and if not then you are still stuck in 20th century. *drumrolls* Its FACEBOOK . Since its inception i have read countless article on how Facebook being both a boon and curse to the society . This post is basically my view on the current Facebook lifestyle.

One of these day i went out with my friends on a drive and we got down at this beautiful place .One of my friend ,instead of enjoying the beauty of nature was forcing everyone to get a picture so that he/she can upload it on Facebook. So on our way back it got me thinking ( of course me sitting by the window seat)  Are we so obsessed with Facebook and other social media that we are missing out the little things in life ?

General trend of facebook goes like this : got to facebook —> the status bar ask you in a luring way ” How’s it going xyz”—-> go to google type funny/inspirational thoughts or take a sarcastic jab at the current controversy —-> press enter —-> log out you like you don’t care —-> come back exactly after exactly 10 mins to see how many likes you’ve got . It seem like our life is so much dependent on how many people like our picture and status .Would any of us would like if some one comes up to us and comment on how we look our how we are dressed . Its like a beauty contest and number of likes decides who is the fliest  of them all . And what’ sup with Instragram , it took us ages to come up with a technology that gives a clear as crystal image but all we do is give it a vintage or black white effect .*insert facepalm*

Its like facebook gives you a new identity .You completely change when you  login and this has resulted into a serious case of cyber-bullying where the victims of bullying in real life may take up the internet to bully others sitting behind the window screens.Whenever I scroll through the main page  I see people trying to be smart by quoting inspirational leaders , I see them posing with a pout trying to be sexy and all ( while 90% of them end up looking like ducks ) and then there are  few people that you would always see online but would never ever like or comment anything , guess they enjoy seeing the show as spectators . I remember sitting with mum and dad and putting in photo from our trip to a hill station in this brand new hard bound photo album and 7 years down the line they come up to me to show them if any of my cousins have uploaded the pictures of some function .

I am not anti Facebook . Hell even i make some corny status updates myself but what i want to say is where facebook has made the world smaller it is responsible for the loss of those little moments like a warm hug when  friends meet up or  seeing the expression on someones face when we crack a joke or that little hope that the person who is going  far away is gonna comeback and the surprise when you see them after a long time as we get  constantly updated about their life by that red  notifications mark on the left side upper corner of our screens . That is all on the window thought today .:D